I'm Lukáš Alois Zborník

Software Developer & Linux Enthusiast


I'm Lukáš Alois Zborník a Software Developer, Linux Enthusiast and currently still a student. I study System & Network administration in Pilsen, Czech Republic and I'm partially employed at Unicorn. I started programming at twelve and I wanted to become game dev. I used to make small 2D games in Unity. In high school I started with Java and Web dev, I also fully switched to linux around that time. In 2022 I got employed at Unicorn and focused on web applications. Now I'm looking forward to finish the high school then hopefully become Digital Nomad and travel the world.


I know little bit of everything from Hardware to Software, from C to JavaScript. I am most comfortable and experienced with these technologies React-based frameworks, Node.JS, Linux. I mostly made small uninteresting projects, but few bigger ones are listed down below. I have also experience with SEO optimization and page responsivity. And I am still learning new things mostly trough courses. I'm currently enrolled in cs50x and CCNA2v7.


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